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New Courtesy Pay Important Documents

The credit union has changed our overdraft programs.  Please read the new disclosure, by clicking on the word, "disclosure". If you choose to OPT-IN to the new Courtesy Pay Program then click the word OPT-IN and sign up.  You may also print the disclosure and send us the signed form at the bottom.   If you like the program you currently have you don't need to do anything, it will continue as stated in the disclosure.

Finance your new or used car purchase for as low as 2.49% A.P.R. up to a 60 month term. If you are financed at another financial institution and paying a higher rate we may lower your monthly payment and save you $$ on your finance charge. Apply online or call for details.

Home improvements, wedding expenses, college tuition, dream vacation, any large purchase or refinance your current equity loan from another financial institution for a lower rate, as low as 4.99% A.P.R. for up to a 120 month term. Call for details. 419-882-3525.

Visa Credit Card Stop in today for an application for a Visa Credit card and get the security that so many others already have with Visa Verified services.

Apply for a student loan today! Click the image to the left and get started on an education with the help of Sallie Mae student loans.

Secure your online purchases even further. Sign up for the Mastercard Secure Code / Verified by Visa and make sure that the only online purchases are made by the card holder. Click Here to sign up

Get More with Shared Branching

Shared Branching is a great service that allows members to visit participating Credit Unions and perform transactions on their SAFCU accounts.

At SAFCU, your money is Federally insured up to $250,000. So you can count on your money being safe with us!

Payday Loans, Holiday Loans, Boat Loans, Car Loans, Student Loans, Home Equity Loans, and Home Improvement Loans can be used for expenditures that can help you and your family to get the financial assistance it needs. Perhaps just to bridge the gap between pay periods or to send a child to school, loans can help make the families financial burdens a little easier to manage.